Innate creative work

Life is a perpetual canvas. Svetlana drew as long as she could remember, since the earliest childhood. Communication with the relatives and outer world by means of painting was the most natural and amazing way of self-expression.

Svetlana’s first artworks won general applause even during her study in Moscow State Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov of Russian Academy of Arts. A personal exhibition in the Central House of Artists is an incredible, fantastic success for the student of the early 90th. This landmark event opened a door to collaboration with renowned international publishers and galleries that were not confused by comparative artistic youth of the painter.


Being inspired by artworks of Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha, Svetlana constantly raised the level of her experience in academic style and continued searching for her own unique style: retreating from planar backdrops, achieving a true-to-life execution in conjunction with fully fantastic plot.
The collection of artworks for a permanent exposition in the Bolshoi Theatre was created during this period, also personal exhibitions in the Central House of Artists were organized, artist’s canvas occupied a fitting place in the Russian and foreign galleries. Svetlana cooperated with the leading exhibition spaces of Japan & Switzerland and concluded the contract with "Crystal Art" — one of the largest companies in luxury segment in Russia.

Style palette

The expression of color, exquisite emphasis on the details, unrealistic plots in combination with the finished naturalism, commitment to rigorous academic school — all this elements create artist’s unique style, which brought her world recognition and an opportunity to cooperate with the best art galleries and publishing houses, such as Collector’s Edition and London Contemporary Art.

Anthem to beauty

Her pictures represent and chain the charm, becoming the anthem to the sense of beauty. Artistic style of Svetlana Valuyeva is extraordinary rich and abounds with a big variety of composition methods, keeping constant devotion to a genre. Svetlana does not divide creativity and life, deriving inspiration from the moments and events, often unusual, surrealistic.