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True judges of art acquire artworks of Svetlana Valuyeva. These pictures are exposing in private galleries all around the world. The owners of her masterpieces know that painting will be learned on works of this art nouveau artist in the leading art schools. Svetlana has no "standard" or "intermediate" works. Each work is unique and bears a continuous evolution of style. Purchase a painting

Bespoke artworks

Moments, events, places, and meetings — all this remains with us in memories and photographs. The most vivid, poignant experiences are worthy of an artist brush, and when we talk about related dreams and fantasies, the picture is a fantastic opportunity to express feelings and personality in this work of art, that will instantly turn into your perpetual invest.

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Fantasy photo portrait painting

Each of these paintings is creating being based on the only photo given to the Svetlana Valuyeva personally or sent her by e-mail. Art is like magic, it combines with impeccable craftsmanship and talent of artist and becomes a reality. In the process of working the artist takes the wishes of the customers in style and plot. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most extravagant and comfortable ways to create a self-portrait.

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